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Requirements & Timeline

Registration Process / Timeline

  1. Organise a team of 2-5 students all enrolled at the same university for the running academic year. Students from different faculties or courses within the same university is absolutely fine!

  2. ​Decide on your group leader. This person will be the only team member we contact to give you access to the case and any other information regarding the competition. 

  3. Buy the group ticket. The prices are provided below. Please realise that this is a group price, and only one ticket should be purchased per group. We have three different tiers of prices based on how quickly you register, so the quicker the better. If your group cannot afford the ticket or are looking for a grant, we highly recommend going to your university as they often sponsor participants in our competition. We cannot sponsor teams.

  4. ​We will email the person who purchased the ticket and present them with a link to formally complete your registration. Please make sure you have access to the person who purchases your ticket, so that you can finish registering. Your registration is not deemed complete until this is finished. By clicking this link, you will find a form where you will need to present information about your team leader, team members, proofs of enrolment, and can optionally provide your resume/CV. Please ensure that all names and information is correct and as you would like on the certificates. 

  5. On the case release date provided below, we will email all team leaders the case for this year. After this, you have about three weeks to solve the case. Please keep in mind, we cannot help you in any capacity to solve the case.

  6. Then, you should submit your solutions (more details will be provided in the case). We do NOT accept late submissions, so we recommend submitting well in time of the deadline mentioned below. 

  7. ​Once the first round of grading is over (usually early in April), we will announce the top 10 teams. On this date, we will also email the finalists' team leaders to prepare a video pitch and a deadline to do so. More details will be provided in the email. 

  8. ​We will then inform participants about and hold the GCCH grand e-finals, where the judges ask you questions and test your financial knowledge. More details will be provided in the email. 

  9. ​We end with announcing the winner of the competition once a wholistic review of the three components (pitch decks, video pitch, and judge panel) is complete. We will proceed to announce the dates of the Gala and other in-person events once they are finalised.

  10. ​Enjoy and celebrate your success with us in Boston! You will receive your certificates via email in the weeks that follow the competition. Please give us your patience with this. 


As this competition is open only to university students, we require the following from EACH participant upon registration:​

  • Proof of Enrolment (we accept any of the following):

    • Matriculation card clearly showing your program end date.

    • A transcript of studies/records stating the enrolment for the running academic year

    • A letter from your university's student affairs/administration stating that you are enrolled as a student for the running academic year.

    • Or any other form of certified document clearly stating your full name, the institution's full name, and your programme end date.

  • (Strongly recommended) Résumé/Curriculum Vitae

Your registration is deemed incomplete unless we receive a valid proof of enrolment of the current academic year. 


By registering, you are acknowledging that:

  1. If you have submitted your résumés/Curriculum Vitae, you have granted us permission to share them with sponsors/partners/recruiters involved with the competition.

  2. Tickets sold are non-refundable.

  3. Group price for a team of 2 - 5 people, the ticket price does NOT include accommodation or traveling expenses. Furthermore, all team members need to be enrolled at the same university.

General Agenda* 

November 13, 2023   -   Registrations open
February 19, 2024   -   Case release                  
March 10, 2024 at 23:59 ET   -   Case submission deadline
April 20, 2024   -   Competition Grand e-finals 
April 27, 2024   -  In-Person event

Prices (per team)

Early Bird, $150 USD - until December 31st

Regular, $200 USD - until February 18th

Late, $250 USD - until March 9th

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