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"Not only did we get the opportunity to network but also to make friends with other highly ambitious and smart business students from all over the world."  

Team Cash Cows (Participants and winners of the GCCH 2019)


Global Case Competition Participants,

We are sure many of you around the world have been following the sweeping effects of novel coronavirus COVID-19. In recent weeks international travel has become increasingly complicated, risky, and in some cases impossible. Major events and conferences are being altered or outright cancelled. And universities, including Harvard, are taking proactive precautionary measures to ensure the safety of all students, employees, and visitors. As of recently, the precautions taken by Harvard include various on-campus and residential restrictions. Students are being sent home and prepared to finish the academic year remotely. Campus events and gatherings are, naturally, also affected.

It likely comes as no surprise, then, that the Global Case Competition will need to adjust to these unforeseen circumstances. The competition is not being cancelled, as that is far from necessary. In fact, the majority of participants will be entirely unaffected. Please continue to work diligently on your cases, and rest assured that we are eagerly looking forward to your solutions. The format for the 10 finalist teams will be altered to enable finalist teams to conduct their final presentations, and the following Q&A from the judging panel, remotely.

We regret that it has come to this, as we enjoy the on-campus component of the event so much. However, we must abide by the precautionary measures being taken by the university, and elsewhere in the world. Most importantly, we cannot rightfully encourage finalists to travel when potential outcomes include quarantine, issues entering the United States or re-entering their country of origin, or even health risk.

We are thankful that, despite the circumstances, technology will enable us to carry on with this year's Global Case Competition. If you have any further questions regarding these recent developments, please don't hesitate to ask. In the meantime, we wish you the best of luck in working on your case solutions!

Warm regards,

Founders & Planning Board

Global Case Competition at Harvard

2020 Registrations Are Now Closed !

Teams are now getting ready for the finals

Showcase your financial skill, network with industry professionals, and win a $10,000 cash prize!


All participants are sent a case and have three weeks to solve it. Then, the top 10 teams are invited to share their solution on Harvard Campus in April 2020 in front of a panel of judges.

During the grand finale weekend, you can expect meaningful networking sessions, an insightful competition finale, an exquisite gala and other events around campus.

Check our agenda for information about deadlines !

Be a currently enrolled student

Form a team of 2-5 people

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2020 Agenda

"Participating in the Global Case Competition at Harvard was a great challenge, requiring us to utilize our diverse backgrounds and varied skill sets to their fullest."  Mathias Bohn (Participant and winner of the GCCH 2019) 

We bring together students with finance and business backgrounds from across the world to compete at Harvard on a finance case.

Receive a world-class learning experience through a hands-on business case.

Network and connect with leading firms and business executives.

Enhance your business, communication, and teamwork skills through a challenging workshop series.

A three week long case competition with a grand final at Harvard University in the presence of first class business executives.


The teams will have to perform the  following tasks:

   Industry Analysis

   Company Analysis

   Financial Analysis & Valuation

Students will work in a dynamic environment in which they will get first-hand experience on investment banking and private equity.


The Case

"Traveling to Harvard and presenting our solution to a distinct jury was a unique and unforgettable experience." - Cash Cows

The case is related to the investment banking and private equity world. It focuses on a major finance event which students will have to study and analyse. Last year's edition encompassed an M&A scenario involving GM and Tesla.


The case is created by selected professionals to ensure the quality of the competition.


Just like in a real world situation, teams will have to create a pitch book. The teams in the top ten receive an invitation to present their work in front of a first class jury at Harvard University. However, all participants are invited to join the on-campus weekend at Harvard University.

Meet the future leaders and get a chance to network with world leading institutions and business executives during our on-campus weekend.


Build a unique network during our social events, galas, workshops, and spend an unforgettable time with the global elite. Showcase your intelligence to the world, develop new skills and compete with the very best.

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